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Bob Hadley – Principal
Amy Dawson – Asst. Principal
Wes Wisner – Asst. Principal

Phone: 765.932.3901
Fax: 765.932.4051

1201 Lions Path
Rushville In. 46173

RCHS Fast Links:

At Glance

January 17—Freshman Orientation 6:30 p.m.

January 21—Honors Concert 2:00 PM

January 20—Rush County Music Fest

January 30—All School Pep Session SRT

Order Your Yearbook

February 3—Speech Meet…


1. SAT/ACT – Be sure to register for the SAT or ACT if you have not already taken it and you plan to go to college. The SAT will be given at RCHS on October3.
Registration can be completed online. To register for the SAT, go to

Upcoming Important Dates

Order Your Yearbook Here

January 18—Freshman Orientation 6:30

January 19—Lions Food Pantry 3:30-6

January 21—Rush County Music Fest

January 22—Honors Concert 2 PM

January 30—All School P…

January 16th 2017 Newsletter

Tap here to enjoy your January 16th newsletter!

Host Families Wanted:

Host Families Wanted: Share! Your heart and home with a student
from overseas! High schoolers from over 30 countries are eagerly
waiting to hear who their host families will be. For more information
about hosting a foreign exchange student, please contac…

Report Cards

Report Cards will be sent home with students!

Reminder, you can save the RCHS My World My Town Homepage on your smart phone home screen or on your laptop so you can view and find any info about RCHS quickly! Don’t forget to utilize the “Fast Links” tha…

Upcoming Events Site Page

Because you’re busy we’ve created a site page where you can go to at anytime to see, at a quick glance upcoming events! This page will always be in the same location so that you can find it, get the information you need quickly and then get on with y…

Sept 19th Newsletter

Here is your Sept. 19th Newsletter!

At A Glance

September 22—Java Jazz 7 pm

September 24—Purdue Band Day

September 26—College Fair in Connersville 6:30-8

September 28—See You at the Pole

October 3-8—Homecoming Week

October 3—Quiz Bowl

October 7—End of First Nine We…

Sept 12th Newsletter

Here is your September 12th Newsletter!

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